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You can access them from Classlink:

Reminder - Employees and students can access all of their files that are saved on the server (H Drive) from home by utilizing ClassLink. 

See directions below.   Share with your teams as needed.

ClassLink -

  • ClassLink can also be found on the district home page under Staff

When you log into the Chromebook, use your child's Google email address. 

For example, if your child's Student ID is 123456, your Google address would be

Our supplies are VERY limited.  If your child is in grades 1-12 and if no one from your home address has checked out a chromebook and if the campus has extras then you are welcome to try.  Please understand, there may not be one for your child due to the number available.  Below are the dates and times for each school.  

You must checkout from your child's school. 

GPHSTuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
WAMSTuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
GPMSTuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
WAETuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
GPETuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
JCETuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
PYBTuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
MACTuesday, April 7th4PM - 6PM
CLFWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
HAVWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
NSEWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
SAMWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
SJWWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
CobbWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
NSMSWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
NS10Wednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
ZotzWednesday, April 8th4PM - 6PM
CIMThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
GVEThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
NCEThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
PSEThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
TiceThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
CMSThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
NS9Thursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
NSSHThursday, April 9th4PM - 6PM
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