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Safety Is Our Top Priority

      As we begin a new school year, we have yet another opportunity
      to demonstrate excellence in all areas and remain a performance
      leader in the great State of Texas. Regardless of the stage -
      academics, athletics, fine arts, or any other area involving our
      outstanding students and staff, Galena Park ISD welcomes the
      opportunity to show the world the greatness that has become a
      trademark of our district.

      I would like to take this opportunity to briefly talk about our safety
      and security measures. Let me assure you the safety of our students
      and staff is my top priority as the Superintendent of Schools. I
      have been working closely with our Chief of Police and Security
      Department to make sure all campuses and facilities are fully
      equipped with resources necessary to provide a safe learning
      environment for our students and staff. Our Board unanimously                           John Moore, Ed.D.
      approved the additional hiring of 19 Precinct 2 and 3 deputies to                       Superintendent of Schools
      serve as School Resource Officers, more cameras have been added to the interior and exterior
      of campuses, and our teachers and staff are partaking in additional security trainings. These are
      just a few of the measures we have taken to further strengthen our safety & security procerdures.

      We look forward to seeing all of our students back on campuses on Thursday, August 11 . We are
      thankful for your continued support and for being a part of the GPISD family.

                       “We are proud to                                               An additional 19 Harris

                            protect and serve                                         County Precinct 2 and 3
                             the students and staff                       19          deputies will patrol GPISD
                                                                                      campuses and daycare
                             of Galena Park ISD!”                                     facilities.

                                                                                      Over 2,500 security cameras
                                                                                      throughout the District at
                                                                                      campuses and facilities.

                                                                                      Safety bollards have been
                                                                                      installed at Galena Park ISD
                                                                                      campuses to improve traffic
                                                                                      safety near the schools.

                                                                                      All 26 Galena Park ISD
                                                                                      campuses have secure
                                                                                      entrance procedures for
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