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Dress Code                                                  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DRESS CODE

                          The approved dress code                       Attire                      Colors
                             regulations for our             Dresses, jumpers, shorts, slacks,   Navy blue, khaki, black
                                                                                         (dress code bottoms)
                                                             skirts, skorts
                              students enhance a safe        Collared shirts or blouses  Any solid color
                               learning environment
                               focused on academic                    MIDDLE SCHOOL DRESS CODE
                              success, positive self-
                                 esteem, and a sense                    Attire                      Colors
                                     of school and           Dresses, jeans, jumpers, shorts,   Navy blue, khaki, black
                                                                                         (dress code bottoms)
                                                             slacks, skirts, skorts
                                      community pride.       Collared shirts or blouses  One color per grade level
                                                                                         (visit school website for details)
                                        Note: All
                                        backpacks or                   HIGH SCHOOL DRESS CODE
                                        oversized bags/                 Girls                        Boys
                                      purses must be         Neat, clean, well-fitting clothing   Neat, clean, well-fitting clothing
                                      see-through            Dresses/skirts (mid-thigh or longer)  Pants or mid-thigh shorts with tops

                                       (clear or mesh)                                   and shoes
                                       for ALL students.     Mid-thigh shorts or pants with tops  Hair out of eyes
                                                             and shoes
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